The Journal of African American Speeches is one-of-a-kind quarterly journal that, during the past ten years, has published nearly 400 speeches by over 300 different African American experts in the political, economic, cultural, education, civil rights, human rights, labor, international and religious arenas.

It is a primary source of information, research and history for many educators, journalists, public officials, student, business executives, and community activists throughout the country.

Over 200 university and public libraries, including those at universities such as Hampton, Howard, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Ohio State, Virginia State, Virginia Union and Northwestern, subscribe to this primary source that is also a centerpiece for dialogue.

In the first issue of VITAL ISSUES (Winter 1991) BDI Chairman, Mr. Jesse Hill, desribed it as “…..the record of our voices and our mission.” In that same premier issue, BDI’s late President, Dr. C. DeLores Tucker, promised that “This publication will provide an invaluable resource for research and will preserve the messages of our great leaders… It is our responsibility to create access and disseminate information that is essential to understanding the social conditions in which we live, to recording the  thoughts of our great thinkers and to documenting our achievements.”

For information on obtaining copies of the publications, contact, Ms. Loretta Young at 301-562-8300 (Office).