BDI Programs

Through the years BDI through its education-centered programs has:

  1. Provided much-needed scholarships assistance to over 150 students who were striving to achieve educational goals
  2. Hosted solutions-oriented forums on critical and timely issues featuring the economic, political, cultural educational and civic arenas
  3. Published a unique, information-filled research tool, Vital Issues: The Journal of African American Speeches which has published over 400 speeches by over 300 nationally known experts from all fields of public policy.
  4. Hosted several Christmas dinner parties for over 5000 underprivileged children that provided them with a memorable cultural and educational experience, along with a sit-down dinner and a toy.
  5. Presented recognition awards to over 75 people who, by their work, made a contribution to advancing the educational and activist legacies of Drs. Bethune, DuBois and Tucker.
Upcoming – Cybersecurity Technologies Program

BDI is planning to host a 2019-20 Cybersecurity Program for Youth. The focus will be on the fundamentals of cybersecurity technology for a diverse group of secondary school students in the DC metro area.

BDI is committed to providing training programs for youth in underserved communities to prepare them for the significant growth in the cybersecurity U.S. workforce. The program will be open to all 7-12th grade students. For more information or to donate funding, volunteer or apply for acceptance, email us at: or call 301-562-8300 (office).


C. DeLores Tucker Textbook Scholarship
It provides scholarship assistance grants to incoming college freshmen for the purchase of textbooks. Articles in The Washington Post, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have reinforced BDI’s visionary efforts to assist young people meet very expensive costs of textbooks.

Scholarship /Awards Program
BDI hosts an annual scholarship/awards program during which recognition is given to men, women and youth who by their contributions in various arenas demonstrate a commitment to furthering the educational and public service legacies of BDI’s distinguished namesakes, Drs. Mary McLeod Bethune and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois and of its visionary founder Dr. C. DeLores Tucker.

Forums and Workshops
BDI hosts many solutions-oriented forums during which critical issues in the areas of economics, politics, culture, education, health care etc. are analyzed and discussed. Check back for a upcoming schedule of events.

On Sept. 22,2015 BDI hosted its second social media forum
at veterans Plaza in downtown Silver Spring.

For further information on how you can be a participant in this much-needed effort, please call 301-562-8300.